We provide the following graphic design, printing works and visual outdoor advertising creation services:

  • creation of logotypes and corporate style, creation of trademarks and packages;

  • printings: catalogues and annual reports, booklets and posters, leaflets and flyers;

  • creation of outdoor visual advertising:  3D and channel letters, signboards and shields, exhibition stands and interiors, advertising on vehicles;

  • graphic design consulting and other design works.

About us

We are a group of creative designers and project managers who have invaluable experience in the advertising market. A group of people united to fulfil your desires and meet your expectations. Following team takes care about your image:


  • expert in graphic design and style, i.e. generator of advertising campaign concepts and aesthetics maniac, creative director. A person who knows what is beautiful, how to present any advertising message, each time delivering several creative scenarios which exactly defines the trademark and are distinguished by originality;

  • visual advertising designer, i.e. a specialist in modern visual advertising production technologies, outdoor advertising designer, maestro of 3D visualizations. 3D and channel letters, lightboxes, advertising billboards and pylons, advertising on vehicles – these are the objects of his daily routine. With these thoughts in his mind he goes to bed and wakes up, that's why the projects are well-weighted and realistic: with a detailed description of technological solutions, dimensions and essential schemes for production;

  • designer of printing works, i.e. creator of various press layouts, master of sharp stylus and keyboard virtuoso, graphic design expert. The person who has prepared layouts for more than one Euro-pallet of printed products: high volume catalogues, annual reports, booklets, posters, leaflets, flyers... A true professional who works quickly, responsibly and qualitatively.





Our clients